Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Where to start...

So here I am - finally blogging. Where do you start with your first post? I probably shouldn't even be trying to put fingers to keyboard at this time of night (00:14 or should I say morning) particularly as I'm tired. But I've started now so I'll give it a go.

I've been spending a lot of time recently answering questions on the Baby Centre HypnoBirthing Group and loving being able to reach out and share my knowledge with the women who are planning on having calm, relaxed, comfortable births (yes I really did say calm, relaxed and comfortable in the same sentence as birth). It got me thinking that I could reach out even further if I started a blog (assuming I can get some people reading it of course).

So I plan to share stories, tips, advice, freebies here on my blog about using hypnotherapy for:
  • Fertility (I currently have a 75% success rate helping women with fertility issues to become pregnant)
  • Pregnancy (you don't have to put up with morning sickness you know)
  • Birth (calm, relaxed, comfortable - yes, yes, I hear you say but how do I achieve that for myself?)
  • And Beyond..... there are so many things you can achieve with the power of the mind

I truly have the best job ever.

  • That amazing moment when a woman tells me she is pregnant after so many years of trying.
  • Seeing the look of amazement on a woman's face when she has begun her session so green with morning sickness, that she cannot speak, then as she opens her eyes at the end feeling so completely wonderful
  • Reading and hearing all the beautiful birth stories and seeing the lovely baby photos
  • And Beyond.... so, so much more

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