Saturday, 30 May 2009

Research Reveals Two In Three UK Women Don't Know How To Get Pregnant

I’ve been meaning to write about the following article for a number of days now. I haven’t got round to it until now because I wasn’t quite sure how I was feeling about it. But then I had a fab session with one of my fertility clients today and at the end we had a chat about it and I suddenly realised I was all too clear (or should I say clearblue).

Research conducted for Clearblue, who provide home pregnancy and fertility testing, has revealed that two in three UK women don't know there is only a small window of opportunity (two 'peak' fertile days) in which they can conceive each month. I guess it is important for them to emphasise the two ‘peak’ days as they earn a lot of money from selling fertility predictor tests (notice peak is in inverted commas – not so clearbluely showing us that this doesn’t mean ONLY days).

The article goes on to say that the “results have identified a shocking knowledge deficit amongst those who are most likely to consider trying for a baby (aged between 25 - 40 years), which could be costing some women months or in worst cases years of unnecessary frustration, because they could be trying to conceive at the wrong time”. REALLY – are they telling me that there is a huge amount of women out there managing to never have sex at a time when they are fertile and that they spend years of trying to conceive without discovering this little gem of knowledge? I have to say that is not my experience of women who have wanted a baby for a long time. They normally know down to the second, it would seem, when they are at their most fertile. Something that has often had quite a detrimental affect on their sex life!

And the articles moves on to yet more negative hypnosis – it reads “For television presenter Anna Richardson, the harsh wake-up call came whilst filming a fertility segment for the Channel 4 'Sex Education' show she presented last year. It came as a complete shock to be told that at thirty-eight my fertility had been rated at 0.75 where 0 is deemed infertile. After much discussion and further testing, my age was coined as the single contributing factor. I'm an educated intelligent woman, but this was complete news to me - had I been better informed fertility in general I would have never left it this long. I now live with the reality I may never have children" – when I read rubbish like this is makes me soooooooooooooooooooo bloody angry. I got pregnant in the first month we decided we wanted a baby and I was 39. I’ve worked with women who have been told that they will probably never be able to conceive naturally because of their age (usually when they have been given the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”. Many of the women I work with are 39 upwards and a lot of them have now got the beautiful babies they were told they were unlikely to have. When I say negative hypnosis this is exactly what it is. So few doctors take into account the effect that the mind has on the body! This is not some airy fairy mumbo jumbo nonsense. It is physiological fact. When the mind perceives something as a danger it sets of the survival response within us and the reproductive system is not a part of that. Unfortunately the word perceived is key here because anything can trigger that off – not least being told such upsetting news as you are to old to have a baby by someone in authority and whom you trust.

They go on to discuss this ‘knowledge deficit’ with Zita West who said "Identifying your best window of opportunity (1-2 days) each month is essential if you want to conceive naturally. Once you have the knowledge, it is important to bear in mind that sperm can live for up to five days so having sex for up to five days before or after your 'peak' window can result in a pregnancy". Ohhhhhh! So the window is not that small after all then – 10 days it quite a huge window in my book.

I really do not want to come across as flippant but when I was chatting with my client today she said the thing that she was so happy about after her first session with me was that I didn’t ask her all about her periods and her cycle. It felt to her that it was much more about getting her thoughts and emotions in the right place and of course that’s exactly what HypnoFertility is about. We know that the subconscious will make changes in the body based on what it perceives as being real. As I said above if it perceives there is a danger or needs to protect us from something it will take us into survival mode. The problem though, if it is only a perceived danger, how do we ever reach a place of safety in order to allow the subconscious to return us to a normal state in which reproduction is then able to occur? The answer for many is through hypnosis.

With regards to when's the right time. If you are in a good, loving, fun relationship. Throw away the predictor tests and have some fun with each other a few times a week. It doesn't have to be a Hollywood Blockbuster - quickies are fun too (and a great way to get yourself off to sleep after a busy day).

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Friday, 29 May 2009

I feel like I'm on holiday today

I'm on week two of having a cleaner and I already do not have any idea how I used to manage without Inga.

What a beautiful day it is today and instead of poor Evan having to traipse round after me whilst I clean the house (nowhere near to the standard that Inga does it I might add) we were out in the garden. For those of you who know me you will be surprised to hear that I actually enjoyed doing some gardening and I now have a flower bed that actually looks like a flower bed. If this carries on I shall have to change my name to HypnoFifi.

Because the sun was shining so beautifully Evan and I were smothered in sun cream and the last time I needed that was when were were on holiday in Portugal last year and the smell took me straight back there. Our ability to attach smells, sounds, touch, etc to particular memories and in turn feelings is something that is often used in hypnotherapy but I'll talk more about that at another time.

Anyway there I am back in Portugal, in my mind (hahahaha - this has triggered of another memory - this time a funny one of an Eddy Izzard sketch where he keeps saying "in my mind" - you'll smile at this point if you know the sketch I mean), when I decided to come in and make Evan and I some lunch. And the house was all beautiful and clean and it gave me that same lovely feeling you get when you return to your hotel room and the maid (do they still call them maids? Doesn't sound right) has been.

After lunch Evan and I had a bath, in the middle of the day no less, to clean off the sun cream and she is now fast asleep and I'm chilling on the sofa with a breeze drifting through the open patio doors.

I am sure you can feel the relaxed happy mood that I am in just oozing off of the screen as you read this. Oh how different my Fridays are now. I hope all my readers are having such a lovely Friday as I am and have a great weekend too.

If anyone lives near me and needs a cleaner I would strongly recommend

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

To puke or not to puke that is the intelligence quotient

I‘m not sure I should share this little piece of information I’ve just found.

The Daily Telegraph reported that research suggests that “women who suffer morning sickness during pregnancy may be more likely to have a child with a high IQ”. Apparently doctors believe that babies’ development could be aided by the same hormones that make expectant mothers suffer nausea and vomiting.

The study this story is based on was looking at the effect of morning sickness on a child’s long-term neurodevelopment (such things as intelligence, behaviour, memory and attention).

There is loads more research that needs to be done to prove or disprove this theory but for now do you think I’m going to see a drop in my uptake of ‘managing morning sickness’ sessions and mp3s?

Although, the research was also looking in to what effect a drug for treating vomiting in pregnancy had on a child’s development so, if this proves to counteract the effects, maybe that will increase my uptake of ‘managing morning sickness’ sessions and mp3s?

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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Downloadable mp3s for pregnancy, labour and birth

My husband is always saying that I don't shout loud enough about the things that I do well.

So I thought I'd do some shouting about my downloadable mp3s that are available to purchase from my shop. The ones that are currently available (I am in the process of writing and recording lots more) are specifically designed to prepare 'mums-to-be' for a calm comfortable birth that they are very much in control of. The reason I thought I'd shout about them is that I get so many thank yous from women telling me not only how fantastic their births were, because of listening to my mp3s, but also how relaxed and in control they were throughout their pregnancies and how they are coping so wonderfully with the massive change to their lives that a baby brings too.

As I am a Hypnobirthing practitioner I designed the mp3s to complement the Hypnobirthing book, however, they are as equally effective when used on their own.

If you'd like to find out more please check out my shop

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Maternity clothes: how to do pregnancy chic

I loved this article in the Telegraph

Simple and easy ways to look chic during pregnancy. I've nothing really to add just thought it would be nice for my pregnant mums to take a look at :-)

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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Teenage Kicks

A film showing a schoolgirl giving birth on a school playing field has been viewed over a million times, around the world, via the Internet. Teenage Kicks, is part of a joint campaign run by NHS Leicester City and Leicester City Council to help reduce the number of teen pregnancies they have, with around one in 20 girls, aged 15-17, becoming pregnant every year.

It is a short yet hard hitting film and normally I’d be horrified to think of anyone watching such a scary portrayal of birth. However, in this instance it is quite understandable that the young girl is screaming in agony because this is a situation that would create a huge amount of fear within a birthing woman (or should I say girl, not much more than a child herself).

When couples attend my HypnoBirthing® classes, the youngest of whom I’ve had attend was a 17 year old girl (I would like to add who was in a loving, stable relationship) they learn that it is fear that causes the muscles of the uterus to constrict and tighten as opposed to relaxing and opening gently and easily. This is actually what causes the great pain we hear women talk of when they share their stories of labour and birth. The reason fear creates such a change in the body is that should a woman be in real danger (and we see this in animals) the body needs a way to prevent the baby from coming until the woman has reached a place of safety. Once she is safe she can settle down thus indicating that she is now ready to birth her baby and so the muscles of the uterus can once again relax and open. Today though the fear mainly comes from perceived danger (usually the horror stories that have been told to women for most of their lives) and so there is no way of ever reaching safety, the muscles that need to thin and open never get the opportunity to relax and open easily and so birthing turns into an agonizing experience full of pain relieving drugs. Women who practice HypnoBirthing® however have dealt with their fears and then practiced a variety of hypnosis techniques in order to be able to easily enter and maintain a deep state of relaxation when they go in to labour. By doing this they are giving themselves the best opportunity to have a calm, comfortable, birth that they are very much in control of.

Just today I received a text saying ‘HypnoBirthing® rocks!’ – the ‘mum’ had arrived at the hospital fully dilated and the baby was born 10 minutes after her arrival. She was so excited I was the third person she text to say that the baby had arrived :-)

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Friday, 22 May 2009

Sometimes it is the only way....

We all have that little chatterbox in our head. I like to think of mine as a little cartoon devil and angel one sitting on each shoulder. This helps me to not take my chatterbox too seriously.

But sometimes that chatterbox just won't shut up will it? Often when there is some negativity going on in our lives but I also find that it can be disturbing when I'm excited about something too. Don't get me wrong I don't want to stop being excited but when it is keeping me up at night that doesn't really work for me.

The problem with this chatterbox is that it is very loud and so listening to a nice relaxation hypnotic session or carrying out some form of progressive relaxation down through the body doesn't always have the desired affect.

So sometimes the only way to deal with it is simply to bore the pants off of it (a bit like the old fashioned counting of sheep).

So the next time you are being wound up by too much negativity, or dog tired in bed with an overactive brain that won't let you sleep, or any other type of annoyance created by your chatterbox here's what to do.
  • Start counting from 10 down to 1 in fraction form (10, 9 1/2, 9, 8 1/2, 8 and so on)
  • As you count give each number a colour (eg. the 1 of the ten is red, the 0 of the ten is blue, the 9 is green, the 1 of the half is pink, the line of the half is purple, the 2 of the half is yellow. And so on using your own colours). It doesn't matter if you don't see just imagine that you see the same purpose is served
  • Hear the numbers and the colours in your inner ear in a monotoned voice
  • Imagine writing them - in the sand with your finger, on a blackboard with chalk or with crayons on a piece of paper. Or perhaps they are in blocks of foam or squidgy plastic, Notice how it feels as you write or hold these numbers in your hand
  • If you get distracted just come back to the number 10 and start again.

All the time you are focusing on these numbers; how they look, sound and feel you cannot be focusing on anything else. It may take commitment but you will eventually sidetrack your conscious brain and in turn go into a nice state of relaxation or sleep if that is appropriate. You will also not be able to focus on anything else at the same time and so you will get a break from your chatterbox.

Sweet dreams and positive imagining.

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Cleaning lady brings harmony back to Blackfen Road!

One of the sections on my website is headed up 'Are you a Happy Mum?'.

It goes on to talk about how being a parent is the most important job in the world. And for the many challenges and demands mums deal with on a daily basis they deserve an award (I'm not leaving out the fact that dads do an amazing job too but for now we're talking about me and I'm a mum). I go on to ask the question, 'so why do so many mums feel stressed-out, guilty and inadequate?' And then I help these mums (and dads too) see that it doesn’t have to be that way, that they can find a balance and enjoy all elements of their life.

So why then did I think that I could do it all without any help?

I look after Evan from 6am in the morning to 6pm at night. Taking her to Mums & Tots, Sing and Sign and Swimming. I cook the dinner, do the washing, the ironing (well not Jim's shirts - I'm not that great and I don't even feel guilty about it) and all the housework (although the floor hasn't been mopped for weeks and I don't feel guilty about that either). Although I should say at this point that Jim is always happy, well maybe not happy, willing though to help but I thought "no, I'm at home so I might as well do it so we can have family time when he gets in from work". But I've been too tired to enjoy that time! I see clients most weekends, Saturdays and Sundays and often 2 or 3 evenings during the week from 7pm for a couple of hours and always put 110% into this wonderful work because it is my passion and I love every minute of it.

But I am not superwoman - quite a shock for me to find that out I might add.

And lately I've been feeling guilty (ah! so there is guilt) about the amount of time I've been spending on my laptop working. I've been feeling overly irritable (and yet more guilt rears its ugly head) with Evan just because she is being a typical nearly 2 year old. I've been really having to work hard at not showing that to her and not always achieving that (yep more guilt!). I've been feeling lonely and missing Jim because we haven't been getting to spend any quality time together (and I've even been feeling guilty about that - though not so much - just p'd off cos I miss him).

Was I surprised then to find myself blubbing at the kitchen sink the other day when Jim having seen I needed a break had whisked Evan off to the park? No, I was exhausted!

So I looked at the typical benefits that I say women can gain through working with me and I decided to do some work on myself. Here's what I did:

  • More time for yourself - Definitely feeling like there wasn't enough time in the day. So I took some time (yes even though there was an apparent shortage of it) to recognise when during the day I did have some time to myself. I was quite surprised that there was quite a lot of opportunity for me to have some space. So then I set the intention to appreciate that whether I worked or relaxed during this time was my decision and to enjoy whatever I chose.

  • Improved relationships - As soon as I recognised things weren't working things improved. I had a chat with a good mate and asked Jim for more help and I felt loads better. Jim and I have been laughing more and I'm loving my time with Evan again.

  • Better work/life balance - the scales definitely needed addressing. I've been leaving my laptop in the study so when it is Evan time - 'it is Evan time'. Then when she is having her nap or Jim is home and looking after her I go upstairs and have a break and enjoy spending time doing some work instead of feeling guilty about it.

  • Feeling comfortable saying 'no' - I'm so used to helping people it is really hard to say 'no'. Particularly as part of the reason why I do it is because I get a great pleasure out of knowing that I am making a difference to that person's life. However, realising when you have to help yourself is important too because a burnt out Dany is going to be of no use to anybody. For probably the first time ever I booked a client in a day later than I could have done. I recognised that she would be fine and that I needed a night off. I am sure we both had a better session because of it as I was fresh and re-energised.
  • Feeling 'in tune' with yourself - I knew I had to do something because I definitely felt out of sync and I'm pleased to say that I'm now all tuned in again.

  • Reduced feeling of guilt and stress - All of the steps above have enabled me to feel like I'm doing the best by Evan, my work and me again so those feelings of guilt have almost gone. Looking forward to tomorrow night and having a date with my husband and this is the start of redressing the balance within our relationship too. And when I need an extra boost I'll do my own Stress Buster and Progressive Relaxation mp3 (I tell everyone else to).

And the best thing of all......

I got a cleaner / ironing lady. It took me weeks to get my head round it but once I saw that it gave me a whole morning back to enjoy being with Evan I knew my decision was made.

Inga starts tomorrow and I am so excited I went out and bought her a new mop, bucket and cleaning cloths :-)

It really is the simple things in life that make us happy!!

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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

250 kg Russian Woman has healthy baby

This is a fantastic story for proving that when a doctor gives a woman the news that she will NEVER get pregnant, that it is a physical IMPOSSIBILITY, they just really don't know. I know it is the nature of their work to manage expectations but unfortunately they are in such a position of power that they can inadvertently, through negative hypnosis, create the very diagnosis they are giving to these women - infertility.

Information in the subconscious (the part of us that runs the body and controls the woman's reproductive mechanisms) is protected by a critical factor of the brain - much like a door. When we have a strong emotional response to something, ie a respected doctor giving the message that you will never get pregnant, that door gets opened and suggestions can very easily be planted (unfortunately negative as well as positive). Alot of the HypnoFertility work I have to do is clearing up the mess that these negative suggestons have made.

The heavyweight mum, Nonna M, suffers from a hormonal disorder and has wanted a baby for over 16 years. Irina Osadcheva, deputy head of a Moscow maternity clinic, explained that “as a rule women over 150kg have such severe hormonal irregularities they simply can’t get pregnant – whose rule is that then? Has Mother Nature written a rule book I’ve never had the pleasure of reading?

Doctor's advised that Nonna M had an abortion due to the health risks associated with her weight. Luckily for her and her baby she decided to see the pregnancy through. This could lead me on to another discussion about how Doctors like to deal with problems in pregnancy and childbirth before they have actually occurred (prevention is better than cure they say – but for whom? In this case there would be no new baby) but I’ll leave that for another day.

You can read more about this story at

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Scottish Public Health Minister Shona Robison standing up for Mother Nature

It appears that if you live in Scotland you will have a much easier time having a natural birth than other women in the UK. Although sad that a guidance has to be written for doctors and midwives to stay out of mother nature’s business at least in Scotland something is being done.

Although I’d like to pick up on a few points I made whilst reading the article

The article states that women with low-risk pregnancies are to be offered more choice and control over giving birth, as a result of these new guidelines.

Interesting to me that although this sounds positive, it still implies that there are times when a woman does not have a choice. They also give no indication of what they mean by ‘low-risk’. During HypnoBirthing® classes I teach my couples that they ALWAYS have a choice. That they have a right to ask questions! That they should have the opportunity to become well informed, have all of the facts given to them in a calm, measured way and then make decisions based on what is right for them and their baby. Everyone is different in terms of what they want and indeed where there levels of comfort lie. I would not presume to force my opinion on them and I don’t believe midwives or doctors should either.

The Keeping Childbirth Natural and Dynamic (KCND) guidance for doctors and midwives has stated that it will ensure midwives are the lead carers for women who have safe, low-risk pregnancies and births - the majority of women giving birth in Scotland.

Scottish Public Health Minister Shona Robison recently launched the guidance as she opened Perth Royal Infirmary's Women's Clinic and Midwife Unit.

She said:

"Pregnancy and birth are normal and natural. Most women have a straightforward, uncomplicated pregnancy and labour and don't need intense medical intervention.

What does she mean by intense? Why would there be a need for any intervention in a straightforward uncomplicated pregnancy and labour?

"Having a midwife as the main carer is totally appropriate for them, and it's also the best way to ensure that a woman is in control of her own pregnancy and care options.

And in control of her own labour and birth too I would hope!

"Scotland leads the way in putting women at the heart of care and supporting normal births. Most health boards already work this way, but the introduction of these guidelines will ensure the same high standard of care everywhere.

Bravo! – I hope that I have some Scottish readers who can relay some positive stories to back this up and you never know this strange idea that labour and birth are normal for the majority of women may just spread.

"Women whose pregnancies are assessed as being higher-risk will have their care led by an obstetrician and all women will continue to have the choice of where and how their pregnancy will be cared for."

Will the ‘higher-risk’ – whatever that might mean (I hear of women being put under higher-risk obstetrician care because they are 36 – oh sooooooooo old to be having a baby) definitely still have that choice?

The KCND clinical guidelines have been prepared by NHS Quality Improvement Scotland. This work included a three-month consultation. They represent the latest phase in the implementation of the programme, which was introduced in 2007.

So this is not completely new. If anyone out there can let me know what your experience of midwife / medical care is or was like during your pregnancy and birth I’d be very interested to hear your comments.

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Monday, 18 May 2009

66 year old woman pregnant through IVF

Divorced Elizabeth Adeney will become the oldest woman to give birth in Britain when she has her baby sometime next month.

I'm sure many people will have an opinion on whether or not this is fair on the child. I had Evan when I was 39 which I do not consider old but I do feel a little sad that I will have just celebrated my 60th as she turns 21. But then I married a toy boy so I'll just continue living my life through his age as no-one ever believes how old I am anyway.

The positive I take from this story though is that she GOT pregnant albeit using donor eggs but with so many women being told they are TOO OLD to get pregnant at 40 this can at least promote confidence that the biological clock has got a lot more tick tock in it than some would have us believe.

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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Now that's what I call a 'Very Special Delivery'

Postman Pat could not have done a better job himself.

This story put a smile on my face.

Sonia Nascimento gave birth to a healthy baby girl in her local post office proving I guess that 'baby will come when baby is ready'!

I particularly loved the mothers words - ‘I tried to be calm because I know how these things happen because Alberto, my eldest, was the same way– but at home.’ This is most probably why her daughter was born so easily. The staff took Sonia through to the back room and, just three minutes later, Baby Dulce was born weighing 5lb 15oz or should I say £8.22 (the cost of her weight as a first class parcel).

It is fear that actually changes the hormones within a woman's body causing the muscles of the uterus to constrict and tighten during labour rather than relaxing. This quite simply is what causes the great discomfort you hear of when women talk about their difficulties during childbirth. During HypnoBirthing classes couples learn that when a mother is relaxed, calm and in control she enables the muscles of her uterus to work in harmony as they are designed to do. They then learn a variety of techniques in order to enable them to maintain this sense of calm and go on to have comfortable birthing experiences.

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Panayiotis Zavos: 'I can clone a human being'

A few weeks ago a documentary was shown on the Discovery Channel showing the controversial fertility expert Panayiotis Zavos creating cloned embryos and then injecting them into the wombs of women who were open to having a cloned baby.

The cloning technique he uses is the same as was used to create Dolly the sheep in 1996.

There is huge debate from scientists and ethicists, many of whom have united in their attack of Zavos' fertility plan but I don't intend to get involved in that myself at this time. My reasons for posting on this subject come from two very simple thoughts that were prompted by an article I read and the emotions I felt as I was reading it.

A quote from the article reads:

"I get enquiries every day. To date we have had over 100 enquiries and every enquiry is serious. The criteria is that they have to consider human reproductive cloning as the only option available to them after they have exhausted everything else," Dr Zavos said.

My simple response to this is does Dr. Zavos include in that how the mind is affecting the body? I learnt HypnoFertility from a wonderful woman called Lynsi Eastburn and she relayed many stories of how medical personal had given couples the news that they will NEVER have a baby and that it was a physical impossibility for them do so. But Lynsi had then gone on to work with these women and they had become pregnant. I myself have worked with women who have been told; your body is on the edge of menopause, your eggs are of such poor quality you will never conceive, you will never become pregnant, and so on. Many have gone on to become pregnant after having undergone HypnoFertility with me. The mind plays such an important part in conceiving. In fact the subconscious mind runs the body and is therefore controlling whether or not a woman can become pregnant. So if the mind isn't considered during a couples journey towards having a baby then all options have NOT been exhausted.

But the article is not just talking about helping couples have their long sought after baby.

The part of the article that affected me the most deeply began with the sub-title "The little girl who could 'live' again". This was referring to a little girl called Cady who died aged 10 in a car crash in the US. Her blood cells were frozen and sent to Dr Zavos who produced cloned human-animal hybrid embryos from them. Dr Zavos said that cells from Cady's "embryo" could in the future be fused with an empty human egg, producing a human embryo, that could then be transferred into the womb to produce Cady's clone. Cady's mother said she would sanction this if there was a chance the clone of her little girl could be born.

I find this story so incredibly sad. I am crying just even trying to write this post. First of all of course the loss of a child. It is utterly inconceivable and no-one would ever want to imagine the pain of this. However, to then go on and look for ways of cloning that child just sends the horror of Stephen King's Pet Sematary right through me. I wonder what there reasons would be for doing this? They cannot bring back the unique child that they lost by cloning her. This will of course be a different child. Is there a comfort in knowing that a new child is part of the one they lost - maybe, I have no idea? Does the pain of losing Cady become any less. I would sadly guess no. This is more than helping a couple have a child this is surely aimed at helping replace the loss of another child. Something that I'm sure Cady's parents will be the first to tell us that you just cannot do.

And here I find myself unwittingly joining the ethics debate.

Most horrifying of all for me is the total understanding I have of what could drive Cady's parents and the character Louis Creed in Pet Sematary towards the making of such decisions.

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body" - Elizabeth Stone

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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Quick post for a quick birth

This is a text that I've just received from one of my clients:

"Austin arrived at 22:34 on 6th. Midwife only just made it in time! Stage 2 - 9 mins, I woke at 21:30!" :-)

Ah! The power of HypnoBirthing

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Saturday, 9 May 2009

Always takes my breath away

Yesterday morning I was in the middle of getting ready for that day's HypnoBirthing course. It was just before 9am when the phone rang and as I picked it up I heard a quiet voice say "hello Dany I'm pregnant". As I sit and write this now I'm having the same reaction I had then I've gone all goose bumpy and feel as though I'm going to cry. No matter how many times I get that call from one of my fertility clients it always takes my breath away. I can hear the disbelief in their voices. Most have been through many, many years of trying, often having done countless other complementary methods and had many attempts at assisted fertility treatment. To finally get that second line appear on the pregnancy test or to actually see the word PREGNANT if they have used a digital one is quite unbelievable to them. I am so proud and lucky to be part of these women's journey's towards having their beautiful babies.

HypnoFertility is truly amazing!

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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Did the sun go to my head?

What a beautful day it was today!

My lovely hubby (Jim), gorgeous daughter (Evan) and I went off to buy a new car today. We're used to being a two car family. Nothing flashy, two reliable workhorses - both old girls. A Citreon ZX Aura and a 5 Series BMW Estate (I don't know much about cars but this had a nice big powerful engine so it could go very fast which made Jim happy. It also had a nice big boot which made me happy). Now I say had because sadly a few months ago our lovely beema developed a rather shocking noise. On further investigation it was discovered that it would cost £1k to have her fixed, a cost we decided was too much for a 15 year old car.

So Jim's research began. He wanted a fun, fast, powerful car, preferably a convertible. I wanted a big boot. He sent me many, many, many emails of I have to agree lovely cars but the cost was always too high, as was the mileage and the age of the car. And they didn't have a big boot.

And then we got to yesterday and he sent me an email of a lovely car. Good price, excellent mileage, age ok, fun, fast and a convertible. Now I don't know if over the months he has worn me down but I found myself agreeing to go and have a look at it. And so off we went.

So did I get my nice big boot I hear you ask?


We bought a 2 seater MGF convertible (to replace a BMW Estate hahahhahahahaha - I'm rolling around the floor laughing as I write this) so NO!!!!!!

But it is a beautiful colour red :-) xx

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