Friday, 29 May 2009

I feel like I'm on holiday today

I'm on week two of having a cleaner and I already do not have any idea how I used to manage without Inga.

What a beautiful day it is today and instead of poor Evan having to traipse round after me whilst I clean the house (nowhere near to the standard that Inga does it I might add) we were out in the garden. For those of you who know me you will be surprised to hear that I actually enjoyed doing some gardening and I now have a flower bed that actually looks like a flower bed. If this carries on I shall have to change my name to HypnoFifi.

Because the sun was shining so beautifully Evan and I were smothered in sun cream and the last time I needed that was when were were on holiday in Portugal last year and the smell took me straight back there. Our ability to attach smells, sounds, touch, etc to particular memories and in turn feelings is something that is often used in hypnotherapy but I'll talk more about that at another time.

Anyway there I am back in Portugal, in my mind (hahahaha - this has triggered of another memory - this time a funny one of an Eddy Izzard sketch where he keeps saying "in my mind" - you'll smile at this point if you know the sketch I mean), when I decided to come in and make Evan and I some lunch. And the house was all beautiful and clean and it gave me that same lovely feeling you get when you return to your hotel room and the maid (do they still call them maids? Doesn't sound right) has been.

After lunch Evan and I had a bath, in the middle of the day no less, to clean off the sun cream and she is now fast asleep and I'm chilling on the sofa with a breeze drifting through the open patio doors.

I am sure you can feel the relaxed happy mood that I am in just oozing off of the screen as you read this. Oh how different my Fridays are now. I hope all my readers are having such a lovely Friday as I am and have a great weekend too.

If anyone lives near me and needs a cleaner I would strongly recommend

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