Sunday, 17 May 2009

Now that's what I call a 'Very Special Delivery'

Postman Pat could not have done a better job himself.

This story put a smile on my face.

Sonia Nascimento gave birth to a healthy baby girl in her local post office proving I guess that 'baby will come when baby is ready'!

I particularly loved the mothers words - ‘I tried to be calm because I know how these things happen because Alberto, my eldest, was the same way– but at home.’ This is most probably why her daughter was born so easily. The staff took Sonia through to the back room and, just three minutes later, Baby Dulce was born weighing 5lb 15oz or should I say £8.22 (the cost of her weight as a first class parcel).

It is fear that actually changes the hormones within a woman's body causing the muscles of the uterus to constrict and tighten during labour rather than relaxing. This quite simply is what causes the great discomfort you hear of when women talk about their difficulties during childbirth. During HypnoBirthing classes couples learn that when a mother is relaxed, calm and in control she enables the muscles of her uterus to work in harmony as they are designed to do. They then learn a variety of techniques in order to enable them to maintain this sense of calm and go on to have comfortable birthing experiences.

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