Saturday, 9 May 2009

Always takes my breath away

Yesterday morning I was in the middle of getting ready for that day's HypnoBirthing course. It was just before 9am when the phone rang and as I picked it up I heard a quiet voice say "hello Dany I'm pregnant". As I sit and write this now I'm having the same reaction I had then I've gone all goose bumpy and feel as though I'm going to cry. No matter how many times I get that call from one of my fertility clients it always takes my breath away. I can hear the disbelief in their voices. Most have been through many, many years of trying, often having done countless other complementary methods and had many attempts at assisted fertility treatment. To finally get that second line appear on the pregnancy test or to actually see the word PREGNANT if they have used a digital one is quite unbelievable to them. I am so proud and lucky to be part of these women's journey's towards having their beautiful babies.

HypnoFertility is truly amazing!

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