Monday, 18 May 2009

66 year old woman pregnant through IVF

Divorced Elizabeth Adeney will become the oldest woman to give birth in Britain when she has her baby sometime next month.

I'm sure many people will have an opinion on whether or not this is fair on the child. I had Evan when I was 39 which I do not consider old but I do feel a little sad that I will have just celebrated my 60th as she turns 21. But then I married a toy boy so I'll just continue living my life through his age as no-one ever believes how old I am anyway.

The positive I take from this story though is that she GOT pregnant albeit using donor eggs but with so many women being told they are TOO OLD to get pregnant at 40 this can at least promote confidence that the biological clock has got a lot more tick tock in it than some would have us believe.

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