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Research Reveals Two In Three UK Women Don't Know How To Get Pregnant

I’ve been meaning to write about the following article for a number of days now. I haven’t got round to it until now because I wasn’t quite sure how I was feeling about it. But then I had a fab session with one of my fertility clients today and at the end we had a chat about it and I suddenly realised I was all too clear (or should I say clearblue).

Research conducted for Clearblue, who provide home pregnancy and fertility testing, has revealed that two in three UK women don't know there is only a small window of opportunity (two 'peak' fertile days) in which they can conceive each month. I guess it is important for them to emphasise the two ‘peak’ days as they earn a lot of money from selling fertility predictor tests (notice peak is in inverted commas – not so clearbluely showing us that this doesn’t mean ONLY days).

The article goes on to say that the “results have identified a shocking knowledge deficit amongst those who are most likely to consider trying for a baby (aged between 25 - 40 years), which could be costing some women months or in worst cases years of unnecessary frustration, because they could be trying to conceive at the wrong time”. REALLY – are they telling me that there is a huge amount of women out there managing to never have sex at a time when they are fertile and that they spend years of trying to conceive without discovering this little gem of knowledge? I have to say that is not my experience of women who have wanted a baby for a long time. They normally know down to the second, it would seem, when they are at their most fertile. Something that has often had quite a detrimental affect on their sex life!

And the articles moves on to yet more negative hypnosis – it reads “For television presenter Anna Richardson, the harsh wake-up call came whilst filming a fertility segment for the Channel 4 'Sex Education' show she presented last year. It came as a complete shock to be told that at thirty-eight my fertility had been rated at 0.75 where 0 is deemed infertile. After much discussion and further testing, my age was coined as the single contributing factor. I'm an educated intelligent woman, but this was complete news to me - had I been better informed fertility in general I would have never left it this long. I now live with the reality I may never have children" – when I read rubbish like this is makes me soooooooooooooooooooo bloody angry. I got pregnant in the first month we decided we wanted a baby and I was 39. I’ve worked with women who have been told that they will probably never be able to conceive naturally because of their age (usually when they have been given the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”. Many of the women I work with are 39 upwards and a lot of them have now got the beautiful babies they were told they were unlikely to have. When I say negative hypnosis this is exactly what it is. So few doctors take into account the effect that the mind has on the body! This is not some airy fairy mumbo jumbo nonsense. It is physiological fact. When the mind perceives something as a danger it sets of the survival response within us and the reproductive system is not a part of that. Unfortunately the word perceived is key here because anything can trigger that off – not least being told such upsetting news as you are to old to have a baby by someone in authority and whom you trust.

They go on to discuss this ‘knowledge deficit’ with Zita West who said "Identifying your best window of opportunity (1-2 days) each month is essential if you want to conceive naturally. Once you have the knowledge, it is important to bear in mind that sperm can live for up to five days so having sex for up to five days before or after your 'peak' window can result in a pregnancy". Ohhhhhh! So the window is not that small after all then – 10 days it quite a huge window in my book.

I really do not want to come across as flippant but when I was chatting with my client today she said the thing that she was so happy about after her first session with me was that I didn’t ask her all about her periods and her cycle. It felt to her that it was much more about getting her thoughts and emotions in the right place and of course that’s exactly what HypnoFertility is about. We know that the subconscious will make changes in the body based on what it perceives as being real. As I said above if it perceives there is a danger or needs to protect us from something it will take us into survival mode. The problem though, if it is only a perceived danger, how do we ever reach a place of safety in order to allow the subconscious to return us to a normal state in which reproduction is then able to occur? The answer for many is through hypnosis.

With regards to when's the right time. If you are in a good, loving, fun relationship. Throw away the predictor tests and have some fun with each other a few times a week. It doesn't have to be a Hollywood Blockbuster - quickies are fun too (and a great way to get yourself off to sleep after a busy day).

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