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Hypnobirthing Home Study Programme

Great Value - £36.00 - Great Price and all profits go to charity!

This programme has been designed using my extensive knowledge as a hypnotherapist, my work as a Hypnobirthing practitioner, feedback gained from couples who have attended both Hypnobirthing classes and private Hypnosis for Childbirth sessions with me and attending women during their labours.  Not to mention my own amazing labour and birth.

What is the purpose of this programme?

In an ideal world all women who want to attend Hypnobirthing classes would have access to them.  Sadly this is not the case and despite practitioners offering payment plans and discounts they are still not affordable for so many.  My aim therefore with this programme is to bring hypnosis techniques that support childbirth to the masses.  I believe that by offering this programme at such a fantastic price that it will be easily affordable for some and ‘in reach’ for others.  I have been able to offer it at this amazing price by making it an online product bringing you aproduct of quality that is great value for money.

What will I get?

*           A 50 page workbook
*           9 x Hypno 4 Birth mp3s
*           Personal support from me via my on line forum
What will I learn? 

*           How fear and anxiety negatively affect your birthing hormones.
*           How to change negative thinking habits and beliefs to positive ones that support your desire to
             have a calm, comfortable birth experience.
*           How to tap into your own natural birthing instincts.
*           What hypnosis is and what it isn't.
*           The impact the mind and your imagination has upon your body and what you experience.
*           A variety of techniques to use during your pregnancy to prepare your mind and body for a positive
             birth experience, including ‘eyes open hypnosis’.
*           How your birth companion can support you.
*           How to use the techniques during labour and birth
How does the programme work?
The course has been designed for you to follow over a 6 week period
(if you are later on in your pregnancy than this allows you can work at a
pace that is appropriate for your needs, women have started as late as
38 weeks and still used the techniques successfully).  
There are five basic elements to the programme:
1. Relaxation
2. Breathing
3. Letting go of negative thoughts and emotions
4. Positive conditioning
5. Directing and changing sensations in the body
Each week you will learn specific techniques and carry out assignments that incorporate these 5 elements.  You will then be guided to listen to the appropriate mp3(s) to support your learning and practice for that week.  At the end of your training period there is a maintenance programme for you to follow.
5,4,3,2,1 Progressive Relaxation (track length: 12.30 minutes)
This technique is simple, yet very powerful and supports the breathing techniques you will learn in the programme.  You can read more about it on my blog and can experience it for free.

Birth Affirmations (track length: 6.02 minutes)
This mp3 provides a structured way to practise new positive thoughts and you can enjoy it for free
Cloak of Protection (track length: 12.19 minutes)
Teaching you a simple yet effective technique to protect you from outside negative influences.

Fear and Emotion Release Hypnotic Session (track length: 29.39 minutes)
When you are in labour and giving birth to your baby any stress, anxiety or fear that you have, can actually change how the muscles in your uterus are designed to work.  Instead of the muscles that need to dilate being relaxed they instead constrict and tighten and it is this that causes the great discomfort that we hear about during labour. This powerful hypnotic session will enable you to release any emotional issues, fears and concerns that you have, clearing your mind of all potential negativity, in order to enable you to focus on your labour and birth in a positive confident way.

Natural Calm Relaxation mp3 (track length: 26.05 minutes)
Using a combination of colour and nature ‘Natural Calm’ will help keep you calm, confident  and relaxed during your pregnancy, labour and birth

Glove Relaxation mp3 (track length: 34.09 minutes)

The Glove Relaxation mp3 takes you through a guided visualisation that focuses on creating a numbness similar to the sensations that you would have should you dip your hand into a bucket of icy slush.  It will teach you how to numb your hand and then how to transfer that numbness around your body.  ‘Glove Relaxation’ is designed to take you into a very deep state of relaxation that will help you to manage any discomfort should you have it during your pregnancy.  It can then also be used to create numbness around the area in which you are feeling your surges during labour detaching you from the sensations so that you are only aware of pressure, tightening or pulling up. 

Cushion of Comfort (track length: 20.18 minutes)

As you listen to this mp3 you will discover how to manage any discomfort during your pregnancy, learning how to create a comforting, tingling, warmth within your hand of choice that will represent your powerful endorphins (your body’s natural pain relief) and then using your breath you will be able to spread those sensations to any part of your body that you want to make more comfortable.  Setting those endorphins to work, healing, relaxing soothing.  And with practice you will easily be able to tap into these sensations and use them during labour to create a lovely warm, tingling, cushion of comfort around your abdomen and lower back enabling you to feel calm and at ease during your surges and so confident and in control.

Surges with the Sea Birth Rehearsal Imagery 
(track length: 30.03 minutes)
As the name suggests this mp3 uses the imagery of the waves of the sea for you to focus on and relax with during your surges when you are having your baby.  Many women find a connection with the sea and a link to the waves as their bodies are moving in their own wave like motion and by focussing on your sea of peace you will allow your conscious minds to drift off and relax leaving your body and baby to concentrate on their role without any interference from you.

Listening to this regularly during your third trimester will support your positive expectation of birth and enable you to relax deeply by your sea of peace during labour and birth.

Hypno 4 Soundrack 
(track length: 15.02 minutes)

Whilst listening to all of the other mp3s in this programme you will be subconsciously linking deep relaxation with the music that is being played in the background.  It is therefore available on it’s own for you to listen to during your labour should you wish.
The mp3s are also available to purchase separately in order for you to enhance any other way in which you have learnt about hypnosis for birthing.
How does the online forum work?
I am co-admin on a wonderful board on and what I love about the time I give to this board is providing the opportunity for those who are unable to attend a course to ask questions as they learn about hypnobirthing.  From the many private and public messages of thanks that I get that personal support really does make all the difference.  It is therefore important to me that I provide an opportunity for anyone using this Home Study Programme to have access to support.
You will therefore be sent an invitation to my private Hyp 'n Happening Facebook Group where you can post any questions you may have and meet other mums and mums-to-be using hypnosis for their birth preparations. 
How will I receive the programme?
Once you have purchased your Hypno 4 Birth Home Study Programme you will receive a separate email with a link to a Folder containing your workbook, mp3s and details on how to join the online forum.  Please check your Junk Mail if this has not been received within 24 hours as your email provider may have inadvertently blocked the email.


Email me at dany @


All profits of this programme go to CASPA a charity who run a variety of clubs for children with Autism, and without whose support our family would not be able to cope. 
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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How to end!

I looked back at my very first blog post and found it was titled 'where to start'.

Since then I've spent many happy years supporting women through fertility, pregnancy and birth and so it is with very mixed feelings I look for the words to find out 'how to end'.

I'm not completely turning my back on this amazing work as I launched The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme with my wonderful business partner Tamara Cianfini in May 2013. However, instead of working directly with expectant clients my role is now training and supporting our many brilliant Wise Hippo Instructors.

This hasn't been the only change that has happened to me in the last couple of years. In January 2014, after a year of assessment, my daughter was diagnosed with Autistim Spectrum Disorder. Having already had a very difficult year in school, and with her headmaster saying he didn't feel that they were the right school for her going into year 3 (correctly so), I made the decision to home educate her.

Something had to give...

That something is the client facing/therapy side of my work - Tums 2 Mums. Whilst it is sad it also feels very right. I know I've made a huge difference to many peoples lives over the years but I also know that I can continue making a difference through The Wise Hippo.

I will also find more time to write on my other blog Evan in a Box about my life with my gorgeous, eccentric little girl, who has benefitted so much from home education, along with the amazing support from CASPA.

So there will be no more blogposts but please do use the knowledge and freebies contained within the posts that I've written over the years.

If you are pregnant and looking for fantastic birth preparation check out The Wise Hippo Directory.

If you are a parent with a unique kid (not necessarily ASD) you may like to join me on my Facebook group 'Your Unique Kid'.

So that's it, 'how to end' :-)

Wishing all readers of my blog the best in achieving all your dreams and desires.

Good bye xxx

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