Sunday, 13 February 2011

Free Birth Affirmations mp3

What you spend time thinking about dictates the choices you make and therefore the actions you take which in turn leads to consequences. Whatever point you are in your life right now is a result of choices you have made in the past. Whatever you get in the future will be the result of choices you make now. Your choices are determined by what you think about therefore you are in control of what happens to you in your life by what you tell yourself your thoughts.
Taking responsibility for what you believe, your thoughts and therefore your actions is a big step forward in achieving the birth that you want (and I would go so far to say the life you want). But there has to be a desire to change. We naturally learn to filter out anything that doesn’t fit with a particular belief so what we expect is what we end up getting. If you are convinced that birth will be difficult and you believe that there is nothing you can do to change that then you may not have the motivation to look for different ways to approach your birth preparations, engaging in horror stories and negative images of birth and dwelling on negative thoughts. My guess however would be that you are at least at a point where you believe that birth does not necessarily have to be that way otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading my blog.
Affirmations provide a structured way to practise new thoughts, and a lovely starting point for helping you transform any negative beliefs about labour and birth, which is why I've decided to give this mp3 away for free.
Daily practice is necessary to become competent but in time positive thoughts about birthing will become your new habits of thinking in turn supporting your chances of achieving the birth you seek.
Taken from the Tums 2 Mums Hypno 4 Birth Programme. If you like to find out more about this programme please click here.

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  1. I just wanted to say what a great blog you have - thank you so much for the free mp3 here: I'm off to iisten to this now! I'm so interested in hypnobirthing - I plan to use this technique when I give birth in October. Feeling really positive about the whole thing :o)
    Anyway, I am your newest follower and I'm adding your button to my blog! x

  2. Hi Mrs Balour, I am sorry I didn't reply sooner to your comment, I have only recently realised that I don't get notifications when someone has commented. I hope you had a great birth last October and thank you for your lovely comments about my blog. x

  3. Could you link me to the script for this Affirmation set ? I am a surrogate and would like to convert it to a surrogate pregnancy affirmation language. thanks a billion :) Could you email it to thanks :) Ill link your page to my surro blog and give you full credit :) thanks :)

  4. Hi sista... the link is not working can u please provide me the link to download.. i m in my last trimester

  5. Hello! The link for this is not working anymore. It says to contact you for the new link ? If you could email it to me that would be wonderful!