Wednesday, 20 May 2009

250 kg Russian Woman has healthy baby

This is a fantastic story for proving that when a doctor gives a woman the news that she will NEVER get pregnant, that it is a physical IMPOSSIBILITY, they just really don't know. I know it is the nature of their work to manage expectations but unfortunately they are in such a position of power that they can inadvertently, through negative hypnosis, create the very diagnosis they are giving to these women - infertility.

Information in the subconscious (the part of us that runs the body and controls the woman's reproductive mechanisms) is protected by a critical factor of the brain - much like a door. When we have a strong emotional response to something, ie a respected doctor giving the message that you will never get pregnant, that door gets opened and suggestions can very easily be planted (unfortunately negative as well as positive). Alot of the HypnoFertility work I have to do is clearing up the mess that these negative suggestons have made.

The heavyweight mum, Nonna M, suffers from a hormonal disorder and has wanted a baby for over 16 years. Irina Osadcheva, deputy head of a Moscow maternity clinic, explained that “as a rule women over 150kg have such severe hormonal irregularities they simply can’t get pregnant – whose rule is that then? Has Mother Nature written a rule book I’ve never had the pleasure of reading?

Doctor's advised that Nonna M had an abortion due to the health risks associated with her weight. Luckily for her and her baby she decided to see the pregnancy through. This could lead me on to another discussion about how Doctors like to deal with problems in pregnancy and childbirth before they have actually occurred (prevention is better than cure they say – but for whom? In this case there would be no new baby) but I’ll leave that for another day.

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