Friday, 11 September 2009

Peppa Pig and good family dynamics

My daughter Evan loves Peppa Pig! From the moment her Uncle Rob (who looks considerably like Daddy Pig - sorry Rob but you know it's true), Aunty Hayley and her Cousin Tom gave her Peppa and George along with the Christmas DVD she has been hooked. When friends gave her the Birthday DVD for her birthday 6 months later her love hadn't waned. Although I should add at this point that she calls them George and Grace (the names of her cousins) and sings "George and Grace" along with the theme music. My sister will be pleased to know that she doesn't called Mummy Pig Aunty Harriet.

Now I'm pleased that this appears to be an everlasting love for a number of reasons. It is only 10 minutes long which is great when she shouts "just one more" cos well 10 minutes is ok for an extra little treat. Both my husband and I don't mind watching it as there is bizarrely a level at which we too can find it amusing (I'm not sure if I should confess to wanting to know how an episode ended when Evan appeared to have been distracted elsewhere and he'll hate me for saying it but Jim confessed the same). But mainly I love it because of the wonderful way the family interact with each other.

Every family can learn some great things by watching their behaviour and how they communicate with each other. Here are just a few:

  1. When one of them has done something silly and others are laughing at them, like most of us, their first instinct is to get defensive. But as soon as someone says "well it is a bit funny" they agree and start laughing along with everyone else.
  2. Mummy and Daddy Pig aren't perfect. Wow! As parents we don't have to be?
  3. We see scenes of Peppa and George asking for extra play time, or just one book, etc and there is a great balance between Mummy and Daddy Pig letting them have their way and then standing firm when "no means no". Ok it would be interesting to see how they cope with Peppa having a tantrum but remember this is for our toddlers and we don't need them learning any new tricks.
  4. Peppa sometimes forgets that George is younger than her and gets frustrated with him but Mummy and Daddy Pig explain and we see how she learns. Although I do love the episode where she inadvertently makes George miss out on seeing the cuckoo come out of the clock and then taunts him with how wonderful it is to see - tee hee - I'm wicked!
  5. Silly old Grandpa Pig gives us a smile and Grandma Pig knows just how to keep him in line. Like any good woman does with her husband.
  6. But my favourite thing of all is that EVERY single episode ends with the whole family lying on their backs laughing. During laughter the stress hormone cortisol is reduced and conversely the happiness hormone oxytocin level is enhanced. What better way for a family to end its day full of happiness. A lesson to us all.
Get laughing with your families guys. To the music of 'wave your arms in the air' - sing along with me now "shake your legs in the air, shake em like you just don't care" :-D

De de de de de de de de de de de Peeeeppppa Pig Oink Oink

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