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Why do a hypnotic fear and emotion release session as part of your preparation for birth?

Quite simply because if we don't remove the fears around birthing trying to create a positive expectancy of birth will be like building a house on dodgy foundations. Any positivity will be in constant conflict with the negativity that is stored within the subconscious mind.

The impact of that negativity when you are in labour and giving birth to your baby is that it can actually change how the muscles in your uterus are designed to work. Instead of the muscles that need to dilate being relaxed they instead constrict and tighten and it is this that causes the great discomfort that we hear about during labour. A Fear and Emotion Release hypnotic session will enable you to release any emotional issues, fears and concerns that you have, clearing your mind of all potential negativity, in order to enable you to focus on your labour and birth in a positive confident way.

However, the hypnosis session is only a part of the process of dealing with any fear or negative emotions. You will want to identify any feelings, experiences or recollections that may be painful or hurtful.
Some of them can be resolved through discussion with your partner or others explaining how you feel and clarifying things between you. There maybe some practical things that you need to resolve for example making sure everything is ready in the house for the baby's arrival or your husband ensuring that he is not away on business around your due date. And there maybe some emotional baggage left behind from a horror story you've heard or the impact of your childhood or just a nagging doubt about your abilities.
The following is a list of some of the areas of concern that you may want to consider but you may also have other issues that you would like to resolve.

Birth Stories (your own and others)
  • Your own family's birth stories. Did you grow up hearing positive and encouraging words about labour and birth from your mother, grandmother, aunties or were they negative and frightening. Have those stories followed a negative pattern "we always have long labours in our family", "births never go smoothly for us". Remember there is no reason to believe that you will have a similar experience.
  • Others' birth stories. As friends, peers, family members have had their babies have they shared joyful messages of birth or horror stories. Again remember that these are THEIR experiences. Maybe they didn't have the advantage of learning HypnoBirthing, perhaps their were complications, whatever the reason it does not mean your labour and birth should be the same way. Although beware! Because your subconscious doesn't know the difference between real or imagined events it can indeed take on others horror stories as its own experience. Don't let others share their horror stories with you. If you have been affected by a horror story the Hypnosis Fear Release session will help you change the way you feel about it and using the Cancel Technique will enable you to keep any negative thoughts in check.
  • Previous labours. If you have already had a difficult labour recognise why. Were there special circumstances? Did something/someone have a hugely negative impact on you whilst in labour? Were you in an environment that you found scary and imposing? Remember that for this labour you can be better prepared. And that the Fear and Emotion Release hypnotic session will help remove the negative emotional attachment you may have to previous birth(s).
Coping as a new mum
  • Becoming a mum. What are your feelings regarding your new role. Did you have positive parenting role models that have left you feeling confident about how you will be as a mum or do you feel overwhelmed? If you did not grow up with a good role model turn this into a positive - you have after all learnt how not to be a parent.
  • Support. Do you feel secure with the support your partner and/or family will provide? Make sure others know if you welcome their support and how they can help. If there isn't that support from close family look at what strengths you must build to effectively provide your own best support.
  • Your relationship with your partner. Do you feel secure in your relationship. Have you discussed the type of parents you each want to be and how you want to bring up your child? Are you on the same page?
  • Impact on your career. Do you have any concerns about the impact having a baby will have on your career? Any conflicts with needing to work and wanting to stay at home with your baby. Sorting through these types of questions can help you reconcile with what you really feel you want to do.
No matter what your list reveals look at how you can resolve any of the practical issues on a conscious level. Any emotional issues, fears or concerns can be dealt with using a specialised hypnosis session. For those of you attending a HypnoBirthing course, Hypnosis for Childbirth sessions or using my Hypno 4 Birth Home Study Programme this will be part of your course. For others you can achive this my purchasing my powerful Fear and Emotion Release Hypnotic Session (downloadable mp3).

"Release the fear and open your mind to a more comfortable way of birthing".

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