Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Learn Self Hypnosis with free mp3

It has been a ridiculously long time since I've sat down and wrote a blog entry. I have no excuses. Yes I have been busy, both professionally and personally, but I cannot deny that there would have been periods during which I could have found time to post. However, as I am a big promotor of living in the now, I will not ponder on the lack of commitment to my blog over the past year but will instead talk to you about something more exciting, self hypnosis!

It is wonderful to have sessions with a hypnotherapist who can help facilitate great changes in your life but that change always comes with personal responsibility. Every course of treatment, must include teaching self hypnosis, in order for clients to be able to tap into this wonderful resource without the aid of another person or always having to listen to a hypnosis session on a CD or mp3.

There are many different ways of entering the state of hypnosis but one of my favourites when teaching my clients is simply the "journey to your special place". Now to make it easy for you, I have recorded the session I do with my clients as it is the easiest way to learn, but the intention in the session is to learn how to do it yourself and not to rely on the mp3 in order to reach the state of trance (in fact I don't give my clients the mp3 so mums-the-word ;-)).

When working with the subconscious it becomes the most engaged when we use our senses widely and therefore this technique follows 3 signposts; a relaxing image, a calming sound and a positive feeling. You will then be directed to a wide staircase that will either be going up or d0wn, you will know when you get there. The staircase is an indicator to the subconscious that you are ready to move more deeply into trance. However, don't look for a shift as this will have the opposite effect by engaging the conscious brain and thereby bringing you out of trance. Just know that it will happen on a subconscious level, trust that it will happen. The steps will direct you to your special place and you may by now be wondering what that is.

Your special place is a place that you may have been to before, a place you'd like to go or completely make believe. It is up to you, it is simply a place that you can imagine yourself relaxing and enjoying being there, and you can simply choose to go to your special place just to relax and escape for a while. But, if I left it there then I would be selling hypnosis very short, as once you are in the state of trance you have the ability to make some very profound changes in your life.

The mp3 will therefore guide you to find a door. This is a special door as it always knows where you need to go when you open it and pass through and you will then be given some ideas of how you might use this wonderful state of hypnosis.

And I will leave the blog entry there for now to give you some time to listen to the mp3 and explore some uses of self-hypnosis for yourself. Once you've done that leave me some comments with your thoughts and perhaps what else you may like to learn about utilising the state of trance and I in turn will respond with a further blog entry on using self-hypnosis.


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