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Is it possible to have a comfortable birth following induction?

During my HypnoBirthing courses and Hypno 4 Birth sessions I discuss with my clients the benefits of questioning the necessity of being induced should the subject arise. This is important whether induction comes up due to concerns about mums or babies health or just because mum has reached a certain point in her pregnancy that is considered overdue.

The reason it is important to ask questions is so that should you then decide that yes it is the right choice for you and your baby to be induced, that you and your partner have been the ones who have made that decision, you haven't felt like you've just been told that it has to be a certain way.

In turn this is important because by being the ones to make the decisions you maintain control over your baby's birth. When you are in control of a situation you remain much more positive emotionally and this can make all the difference when preparing for labour following induction.

A useful booklet to help with your discussions can be found on the AIMS website 'Induction - Do I really need it?'

So having made the decision that it is right for you to be induced, you will now want to make sure that you give yourself the best possible chance to remain comfortable and continue to maintain that sense of control. There are therefore a number of things that you will want to discuss with your medical provider before induction commences:

  1. Find out what the procedure will be?
  2. Find out how you will be monitored and explain that you will want to be as mobile as possible.
  3. Ask if your partner is able to stay with you? If no questions why not?
  4. If it is not possible then ensure that your partner is on the other end of the phone and call him when you need him. Explain to your medical provider that this is what you will do.
  5. Explain that as soon as your body has taken over that you want artificial support to be stopped.
  6. Ask for understanding and patience with regards to your hypnosis preparation and that you do not want suggestions for pain relief. That you will ask for it should you want it.
The main issue with induction is that the body is jumped to the more intense surges and therefore you do not have the same time in which to prepare physically and emotionally. The endorphins do not then get the same opportunity to build as in a natural progression of labour. You will therefore need to do this BEFORE induction commences.

This is where all of your hypnosis practice will come to the fore. Make sure that you have entered a deep state of relaxation before anything gets started. Focus on your breathing, 54321 relax will help with that to start with. Then use your farourite hypnosis CD/mp3 for entering and maintaining your state of trance. The Tums 2 Mums Glove Relaxation mp3 is particularly useful for this purpose as it is deliberately written to take you into a deep state of trance and to over-stimulate your endorphins. Remember when your endorphins are fully present from the onset of labour and are maintained throughout they will help prevent pain signals from being transmitted to the brain.

The role of advocate and protector of the birth is particularly important when a mum has been induced as often one form of intervention can lead to another. Asking questions should that occur will again ensure that you maintain control over your birthing experience.

I have had hypnomummies choose to be induced and go on to have great births. Taking control by being the ones to decide that induction is right for them and preparation are the key to their success.

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