Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Health Visitors Reject Call For MMR To Be Made Compulsory


This article made me wonder what thought process and in turn what action parents who decide not to have the MMR immunisation go through.

My sister had the single injections for her son, although as I understand it the mumps one wasn't available when it was time for him to have the second. I don't know what she decided to do for her daughter. My mum was resolute that I did the same but I am a woman that makes up her own mind. I personally had a lengthy conversation with the nurse who had given Evan her other jabs. She gave me some literature to read and then I came away and did further research. Jim and I decided that it was absolutely fine to give Evan the MMR jab. In fact within the month we had to go back to have the second jab early (I think they normally have the second one at 2 or 3) because there had been another outbreak of measles in our area. Something that frightens me far more than the MMR jab.

I find that a lot of people these days are deciding that it is appropriate for their children to have the MMR jab but a lot seem to keep it very hush hush. Maybe they can't be bothered with all the negativity that they might get by admitting to it.

For those who don't want their children to have the MMR jab I appreciate that not all parents can afford the single jabs but surely they realise the dangers of not having anything both for their own child and others. Some I'm sure would argue that the single injections should be made available on the NHS but as I understand it they are not as effective. I know sometimes it is hard to separate the wood from the trees but the facts seem to very clearly state the the original research was completely discredited. I guess that is where the health visitors believe they can make a difference and help with that re-education.

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