Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Pregnant Robot (Noelle) Trains Students

What exactly is it training them on?

How NOT to create the best circumstances for a calm, comfortable birth?


Some of my favourite bits

  • "Everything is as it would be for example the way she is positioned on the table".

    Yes of course silly me not to realise that the best place for a woman to give birth is on her back with her knees in the air so the OBGYN can sit comfortably between her legs as she is giving instructions to PUSH with the next contraction.

  • "She is just like a real PATIENT".

    Says it all really. When is somebody going to tell them that without complication birth is a natural, normal event. The great writers from the Grecian School of medicine were not wrong when they labeled doctors as 'meddlesome interference' when they tried to involve themselves in childbirth.

  • "Hooked up to a monitor and IV".


  • "Complications such as long labour times".

    I wish they'd seen my client who had a 4 day labour, gave birth in leap frog position and looked like she'd barely had a late night at the end of it.

  • "Because the robot cannot speak a person is assigned to be the mother and they can be as creative as they want".

    As long as that mother doesn't want to have any opinion about how her own birth should be I guess.

Funny I saw a response from a US hypnotherapist on Twitter today saying "oh you are in the UK at least HypnoBirthing has a chance there". Now I know why.

However, wherever you are, HypnoBirthing classes not only teaches you how and why you don't have to suffer severe discomfort during labour and birth and a variety of techniques to enable you to achieve that. They also teach you that without special circumstances you are not a patient, you have the right to say no to unnecessary intervention and will give you and your birth companion the confidence to ask questions and ensure you get the best possible birth experience for you and your baby.

Otherwise you are at risk at being treated just like Noelle, as a robot!

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