Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Take a breath - good advice :-)

I've just had a very lovely chat with a Kent journalist wanting to write an article about the work that I do.

He asked me the simple question "tell me about your business?" The thing is there is soooooooo much to tell and I get sooooooo excited when I'm telling it that in the end the poor man had to ask me to take a breath - hahahaha.

I asked him if he was the hypnotherapist as it was good advice. I took a breath and put on my 'Hypnomummy' persona and slowed down. But then I got all excited again and sped up. His poor hand was aching trying to keep up with me even with 'shorthand'. I can't help it the excitement just pours out of me and as I'm saying one thing there are a million other things running through my brain saying 'pick me, pick me'. My tongue like the journalists hand just can't keep up.

I hope I gave him enough good information though about the work that I do as I would love to raise more awareness of all of the elements of my work. Hypnosis is proven to double success rates of IVF and increase natural conception by 30% and the work that I have been doing with women is proving that. I love nothing more than seeing a woman overcome those annoying and sometimes more serious ailments of pregnancy and if only I could reach out to many, many more women and change their birth stories for them before they have even happened I would be a very, very happy Hypnomummy.

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