Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Fantastic HypnoBirthing stories

I have such a lovely job and receiving wonderful birth stories is one of the best bits.

Because our subconscious doesn't know the difference between real and imagined events I advise my clients not to listen to 'horror' stories about birth. Unfortunately, if they do their subconscious takes on that story as it's own and when that woman goes into labour responds by saying "oh yes I remember this it is scary and frightening and makes me feel unsafe" and in turn sets about stopping the baby from coming until the mother feels safe. But what she is fearing isn't real so how does she do that?

When women attend my HypnoBirthing classes, they learn that when they approach labour and birth without fear and fully relaxed, the muscles of the uterus will work in harmony as they are designed to do and this allows the opportunity for a more comfortable birth experience. They will then learn a variety of hypnosis techniques to keep them nice and relaxed during labour and birth. The also take part in a fear and negative emotion release hypnotic session to help change the way they feel about any negative stories, comments or experiences they have had.

However, because many women have had such powerful negative conditioning with regards to labour and birth, it also helps to read lovely birth stories proving that it is possible to have their baby in a calm, comfortable and relaxed way.

Seek out positive birth stories of birth and if someone tries to share a negative one with you, stick your fingers in your ears and don't listen :-).

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