Friday, 10 July 2009

IT geeks make good husbands

I want to shout out a huge big thank you to my wonderful husband. From a technical perspective I don't know what I would do without him. We have recently changed our internet provider and with that Jim chose to also change how he hosts my website. He did this for a number of reasons but one of them was so that I would be able to place my downloadable mp3s on my own site rather than skydrive where they are currently. This way the pages that they sit on will be Tums 2 Mums branded and in my opinion will all look a lot more professional.

Now because this now meant the server that my website is hosted on is no longer in our house I have to publish it in a different way. Unfortunately, something got lost in translation and all my spaces, pound signs and other symbols turned into little question marks. There were loads scattered over every page. My darling husband however wasn't phased and as usual found a solution. Problem solved.

Jim really does put so much work into making sure everything works when it comes to my email (including access on my phone), my website and any other technical problem that rears its ugly head. Stuff that would be so tiresome for me if not impossible in many cases should I have to deal with them myself.

Thanks darling.

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