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'Long Overdue'

This entry on my blog hasn't actually been written by me. It has been taken (with permission from its writer) from an entry on the HypnoBirth Mums and Mums to be board of Baby Centre. The entry was written by a wonderful, inspirational woman who I wouldn't be surprised on a subconscious level has gone 'overdue' to stick two fingers up at the system and tell them that the only thing that is 'long overdue' is their policies surrounding induction. Her 'fight', and sadly this is how it can feel for women avoiding intervention, is also giving huge amounts of confidence to other women who are trying to avoid unnecessary induction just because they have gone passed their 'due (guess) dates' - despite monitoring showing that both mum and baby are fine.

In the words of Angels_Ackiz:

"Ok here goes, its a long one!

Williesmammy (ALi) posted on here for me what seems like weeks ago saying that something may be starting up labour wise. Thank you for all your brilliant posts by the way, so touching and encouraging!

It seems I have a stop start kind of body..... My last birth was an induction in hospital so this time around determined to go for it naturally, I have nothing really to go on as to how my body works under normal conditions.

Now I always imagined that I would have a show and things would happen slowly. That is exactly what I've been getting!

I have had about 4-5 little shows over the last few days, surges stopping and starting and finally my hind waters went at 12:30am last night.

Emotionally it has been the most testing time of my life. I have been a good girl and been into hospital for monitoring and tests to tick all the boxes that both I and my precious baby are well only to be told that the midwives (who actually chose their words carefully) said they strongly advise against homebirth after 42 weeks but would attend me if I still so wished. Even dressed up in nicer words has a devastating effect on one's confidence.

When I asked why since I am still healthy and strong (as per hospital check boxes) they throw at you:

The placenta is healthy now but could die under the stress of contractions during labour. Shoulder could get stuck as apparently I have a 10lb baby showing up on scan (don't believe it, and anyway even if she is 10lb+, I have good sized child bearing hips I think!) and also the classic meconium in waters. Oh and a new one I've heard is that if anything went wrong at a homebirth which they had advised against - the midwives concerned could face a conviction so they have to protect theor own backs and be seen to have clearly told me they have strongly advised against homebirth. Nice - do I give a crap? No.

In that siuation girls I would advise this: Tell them you know the risks, thank them for reminding you, smile sweetly and tell them either you'll take it day by day, or just be straight and say unless they can provide you with real hard evidence any of these things are a risk to you right now, you'll carry on being monitored and if all is well, proceed with homebirth plans as noted on the birth plan. Don't get upset, don't second guess yourself. If you genuinely feel like there is a risk - do something about it. But after carefully considering the facts, all the midwives advice just really amounts to slim 'what ifs' and own hide covering. My baby moves and grooves all the time and I really have no concerns at this time.

I truly think that my body is getting there slowly but surely. My cervix has a great Bishops score of 7/10 as of Thursday, cervix is central and soft 1-2cm dilated. WHy they want to induce me is beyond me really. However I should point out that because I am so favourable, an induction at this stage would consist of merely breaking the waters. But get this - when I asked 'what then?' she said 'if nothing happens within TWO hours, we would start you on the drip'. (WTF!!??) Two hours? NICE guidelines clearly states up to 96 hours! Talk about becoming a battery hen! I can just imagine how a two hour deadline would affect my adrenaline levels?!!

Now, my mental state has been a wee bit of a rollercoaster. Once I got past 40+14, my mood actually improved! I'd passed the deadline as it were which actually felt like a weight off my shoulders. UNTIL of course the charming visit from the 2 midwives yesterday (the ones who are on call all week now.... a pleasent thought they could be attending me? No not really)

Yesterday was a huge challenge. I was tired, grumpy and confused. Got some biiiiiig reassurances from Dany, Ali, my friends on FB and read again the lovely posts from you girls. Had a very big bawl in my filled up birth pool last night and got on with the business of a fear release session, clary sage sniffing and some fab bonding time with my man who sat in the pool with me. We practised some birthing positions, he massaged some pressure points on my ankles and was great. It was a welcome break and helped me to once again focus on and visualise giving birth in the pool we have set up, holding our baby and completing this journey we started out toegther coming up to ten months ago (crikey!) in a calm, controlled and beautiful way we have always planned.

For that I was rewarded with my hind waters breaking and a few surges (mild but then I am a HypnoBirthing girl so they would be!)

This morning I am soooo tired but happy and confident once again. Girls, you have to trust your body, your baby and release the fear you have about birthing and your ablility to do it and above all be patient. Laughter and love made this baby and it will be that which will bring her out into the world, I just know it.

Thanks for reading! I did say it was a long one!

42+4 and counting. :o)

Angela - Hypnobirth water baby coming this July!"

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  1. Dany you could well be right about the two fingers thing! I have fought for women on babycentre for over six months now since creating the hypnobirth board and maybe subconciously I wanted to reward their patience with proving I could do it too!
    Do you remember me ages ago promising I would keep a blow by blow account of my last days of pregnancy and labour. I just knew it would work out this way! I keep thinking about the way you gave birth, sleeping through most of your surges and giving birth in the morning. Most of my stop-start surges have been in bed at night before dropping off... I reckon that's how I'll actually go! (I hope!!!)

    Big hugs,

    Angela XXXXXX