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Fantastic new birth story I just had to share

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I finally have a few minutes to share our wonderful BS. Firstly I would like to say that our lives have been truly blessed by one of the most unselfish, caring people I have ever met ~ Dany Hypnomummy. She has given her time energy; passion unconditionally- thank you will never be enough.

I know that Dany gives her time and energy not only to me but to everyone she is in contact with- My DH and I wanted to give something back and have Dany present at our birth- alas Dany knocked at the door seconds after baby was born.

Our birth was practically EVERYTHING that I had visualised and dreamed about and so much more. I woke up Monday morning had a few tightening’s but thought nothing more than BH. I had a chat with Dany on the phone- such a gorgeous chat... Dany saying I can't believe we are talking about your birth like this - its going to be amazing. We were laughing and joking- something which featured so much throughout the day.

I had some great quality time playing with Hannah- when Hannah went for a nap I phoned my DH to say I was having tightening’s and I would like him home.... I then went and relaxed and listened to natural calm... no more tightening’s. Darn I thought I have got him home on a false alarm.

When DH did get home the tightening’s were every 10mins- I spoke to Dany who said don't worry about phoning the MW they won't be concerned at this stage (I already had- and she was right!) go and enjoy your afternoon and call me later if you need to". That's exactly what we did Hannah and DH had a water fight in the garden - there was so much love and happiness it was fab!

We discussed with DH if we should call grandparents, friends to take Hannah but as I had said on so many occasions my ideal would be to put Hannah to bed and for her to wake in the morning to her new baby. This is exactly what we did - I cooked dinner, we ate as a family and put Hannah to bed (7.40pm). During dinner I was having surges and would just close my eyes and breath through them- Hannah looked concerned so Daddy said I was so tired I was sleeping which made her giggle.

I cleaned away the dishes through surges and my DH started filling the birth pool- something he wanted to do much earlier, I was in denial and hadn’t let him….

This is when surges were every 5mins- I called the MW and she said she was on her way, I called Dany about 10-15mins later and said I was struggling. Looking back I wasn’t struggling, as such I just didn’t realise how advanced in my birthing I was. I was struggling filling my balloon but my DH told me to stop trying and just to breath through it- Dany had spoken to me that morning about humming- which I started to do (well more moaning and groaning!)- It was brilliant.

I will forever have this image of my DH running back and forward with a yellow bowl frantically filling the birth pool whilst me stop him every surge so he could give my light touch massage and then telling him to get back to filling the pool up.

The MW arrived and I do feel sorry she arrived in to our little mayhem- she started talking about contractions- DH said please call them surges. Whilst she was feeling my tummy I had an urge to be sick- DH had to step in and ask her to give me some space. She was quite insistent on wanting to listen to the baby’s heartbeat, which I was happy to do but just not right now. After being sick (that’ll teach me for gorging myself at dinner!) I felt a bit better. The mw was writing her notes so I asked her to exam me- to my absolute joy I was told that I was 9cm.

9cm- it still makes me cry with happiness now! I have read so many wonderful BS where the birthing mother arrived at 9cm without knowing- this is something I had also visualised so many times I wanted to happen to me. I was elated and remember saying to my DH "Quick get the video camera film this we are having our baby we are really having our baby"

I hopped into the birth pool (it wasn’t full or up to temp something we didn’t realise) it was however bliss. I was listening to Dany’s natural calm again- the bit about "you maybe aware of sounds around you"- I was joking with DH saying "that’ll be running water then" – he then went on to tease my moaning and groaning which made me laugh. I then had the urge to bear down… the mw told me not to and to breath through it- I wasn’t ready apparently….

She went and sat down in the other room. I was in all four’s bearing down, when I shouted I can feel my babies head (it was crowning). The mw came back and said no that’s just your waters breaking- she walked away and sat down at which point Senna (with two small surges) quite literally shot out with just me and my lovely DH present. She shot out the wrong way through my legs so I couldn’t catch her- a little bit of commotion followed getting Senna out of the water – poor thing was placed on my back whilst the cord was cut- during which I heard a knock at the door- I knew it was Dany who missed the birth quite literally by seconds. The second mw never made it either.

A few minutes later we were cuddling on the sofa with our gorgeous baby girl Senna Alexandra weighing 7lb 5 ½ at 9.35pm. We think I was in established labour for just over 2 hours. The mw didn’t even catch the time she was born so my DH had to play back the video tape to get the time! I had visualised my DH and Dany laughing throughout our birth- as Dany said it was after the birth that we got this lovely time and not during.

Millions of thanks to Dany for helping to clear up and it was so special having you thereish! and something I will never forget.

Sorry this is so long but thanks for reading! My advice would be live, breath, be hypnobirthing, practice, practice, practice and visualise the birth that you want- this was all key in our wonderful birth. Oh and let your birthing partner get organised as soon as – don’t interfere like me- things would have been slightly easier had this been done earlier and if you are so lucky to have someone like Dany attending your birth- call them sooner than later!!


Clare Mummy to two gorgeous girls Hannah (2 1/2) and Senna (5 days old) Perfect home hypno water birth.

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