Sunday, 19 July 2009

Natural Induction for labour

The link at the bottom of this post shows you what my husband used as a natural form of induction when I was 41 + 5 days pregnant with our daughter.

Notice how much I am laughing - it worked she was born the next day!

I always tell my HypnoBirthing and Hypnosis for Childbirth clients that if at all possible they should avoid chemical induction. We talk about lots of 'hugs before drugs' to produce the natural oxytocin that can start uterine surges but I'm also a great believer in using laughter.

During laughter the stress hormone cortisol is reduced and conversely the happiness hormone oxytocin level is enhanced. It also helps relieve the pressure that can be created due to going 'overdue' .

Laughter induction (as I laughingly call it) has also worked for a number of my clients.

Give it a go dads - be creative :-)

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